Collective Wandering

11:00 - 18:00

Starting point: Bierumer School, Hereweg 12 Bierum

Wander through the fields, over the dike, along the sea and in the village where performances will take place reacting to the environment. Get your wandering map at the Bierumer School and walk from there on the 28th of August through a performative landscape and be re-enchanted.
Participating artists:

Lola Diaz Cantoni
Berndt Eilts
Michel de Vries
Jessy Tam
Lan-Hsin Tu
Inball Ann Hershtig
Vanina Tsvetkova & Simon Niks
Michiel Teeuw & Samantha Pellarini
Ivana Đerić
Eleni Tsompanidou

How to get to Bierum with public transport from Groningen:

Take the train from main station to Appingedam. From there a small bus will bring you to Bierum, get out at the stop 'Smidslaan'. The bus leaves every hour, take the train at 12 minutes before the full hour (9:48, 10:48, etc.) so it connects to the bus. You can also take an OV bike in Appingedam and cycle through the fields to Bierum. This is around 6 kilometers. Check for updated departure times.

The walk is around 7 kilometers. The performances will be spread over the route. From 11am the performances start and they will last till 6pm. On the route there are places you can have a picknick or rest a bit. There will be picknick bags with food and drinks for sale at the starting point or you can bring your own.

The Collective Wandering aims to perform a re-enchantment of the Groningen landscape through the use of a form of psychogeographical technique. Psychogeography looks at breaking through the existing landscape concepts (which largely determine how we interact with this landscape) and reforming them. By wandering and not exactly knowing what to look for and where to go, your way of seeing, moving and listening will change.

The performances offer new perspectives, experiences and memories of places. This breaks through the way people usually view the surrounding landscape and forces the participant to make different associations and feelings. It breaks the banality of your everyday environment and feeds it with a form of magical thinking that re-creates meaning and value. The landscape is no longer a background for the performative life, but an essential part and must therefore be approached in a certain way.

The collective wandering is a day in which the psychogeographers must independently search for the performances without knowing what and where they are.
This project is supported by:

Mondriaan Fonds, Kunstraad Groningen, Stichting Stokroos and de Bierumer School.
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